Great power comes with great responsibilities, some of which could be a bit harder to understand in Melania Trump’s case.  Unlike members of the royal family, there are no specific style rules US First Ladies are expected to follow. Over the years, though, after facing criticism for wearing this and that, learning from one another’s mistakes, the women in the White Hous are slowly finding the golden balance. There are some other, we must say, weird rules that whoever is lin=ving in the White House is expected to follow.


Scroll down to learn some of the rules that now First Lady Melania Trump has to follow.

1. Can’t Open the Windows! – No one is allowed to open windows in the White House. Michelle Obama has shared with Ellen Degeneres while being a guest on her show that opening the windows is one thing that she really missed. She joked saying that she would spend her first year out of the White House “just hanging out the window.”

2. She is not allowed to drive…at all. – No a single member of the first family is allowed to drive on public roads. The very last president that was allowed to drive on a public road was Lyndon B. Johnson.


3. iPhones are forbidden. – “Does your three-year-old have one of those play phones? That’s basically the phone I got,” Obama said. The reason? – Security, of course.

3. She has to stay away from short hemlines and deep plunging necklines.

4. Melania has to keep the glitz and glamour to a minimum. – A rule that Melania doesn’t seem to be very much bothered by, as her clothing spending has been estimated to be over $4 million— in her official White House portrait, and the $70,000 Dolce & Gabbana coat she wore to the 2017 G7 Summit in Sicily. ‘


5. She has to avoid outfits that are too bright.

6. She has to be considerate and pay respect to different cultures.

7. Plan a Presidential funeral. – George W. Bush’s deputy assistant said: “It may sound shocking, but during the first week of moving into the White House, the president is asked to plan his or her funeral should anything occur during their presidency.”

8. Can’t have imported wine. – You can have pretty much anything you want when it comes to food and drinks, but the rule is e that all should be produced in the USA.

9. The First family has to pay for their own food, toiletries, dry cleaning, and other personal items and services. Presidents don’t just live off the tax payer’s money.

10. She will be constantly under surveillance – The secret service is constantly protecting the presidents, their family, as well as the vice-presidents’ family. If you’re part of the first family, you are always being watched no matter what.