The Duchess of Cambridge is one of the most photographed faces on the planet, but there some things for her that you might don’t know. Today, January 9th, is a special day for Kate – her 34th birthday, keep reading to find out 14 things you don’t know about her before and after her fairytale wedding.



1.Her nickname for Prince William is reportedly Big Willie.


2. At 29, she was the oldest royal bride in British history.



3. She is related to George Washington, they are cousins eight times removed.


4. Her engagement ring was actually Prince Harry’s, he looked after it following Diana’s death but handed it over to his brother when he discovered that he planned to propose.



 5. She spent her wedding night at Buckingham Palace, breaking the tradition that royal couples leave London after their wedding.


6. She owns a sausage maker and likes to make strawberry jam and plum preserves as gifts.


7. She is the first royal to sign a prenuptial agreement.


8. She studied at the British Institute in Florence during her gap year. Kate spent three months studying art history and Italian. She paid around £500 a month to stay in student digs in the Italian city.


9. Prince William’s friends are reported to used to make rude comments about Kate’s mother Carole being a former flight attendant.


10. Like most girls in the 90’s, Kate had a massive crush on Prince William, reportedly hanging a picture of him on her bedroom wall in pastoral Bucklebury, England.  Later Kate and William shared a house with friends in their second year at St. Andrews, the rest was history.


11. Before becoming a professional princess, Kate had civilian job – after graduating from St. Andrews, she became an assistant buyer at London retailer Jigsaw. She reportedly had to serve coffees on photo shoots before leaving the position in 2007.

Kate-Middleton (1)

12. Kate’s signature scent is Jo Malone Orange Blossom. At her request, candles burned the scent in Westminster Abbey on the royal wedding day, April 29, 2011. But it wasn’t the only special aroma of the day: As a nod to her future husband, Kate carried the flower Sweet William in her bouquet.

13. Kate is a passionate photographer: She took the first official photo of Princess Charlotte at their Norfolk country house, as well as the photos of Prince George attending his first day of preschool at Westacre Montessori in Norfolk. Kate also took photos for her parents’ British party-planning chain.