Last week The Sun broke the news that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have decided to move away from Kate Middleton and Prince William in Kensington Palace and London and will go to live in Windsor’s Frogmore Cottage. A royal source suggested that there was “a bit of tension” between Harry and his brother Prince William which helped the decision to be made. More sources have spoken saying that the relationship between Kate and Meghan was not the biggest reason the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex to move to the countryside. It was more Meghan and Harry’s desire for privacy for their family.


Now body language expert Judi James analyses in The Sun all the photos of the two Duchesses and demonstrates us how the two sister0in-law have gone from close girlfriends to awkward acquaintances.

“In the beginning, it appears Meghan used Kate as one of her role models to help her integrate into royal life and adjust to its protocols. Last Christmas Meghan joined the Royal Family to attend a morning service at Sandringham Church,” wrote Judi. “The difference in their experience showed in the style of curtsy the women performed: Kate smiles in greeting as Meghan lowers her head and bends her knee. At this stage, Meghan was very much still in her induction period and learning on the job.”

When back in February Kate and Meghan attended the first annual Royal Foundation Forum, which was Kate’s project, Meghan seemed to have tried to take over.


“While the two women were on stage, there was some superficial postural mirroring – Meghan mimicked pregnant Kate’s legs crossed at the ankle pose. She also performs a facial cut off with her hand in a fun gesture while Kate laughs.”

James suggests that this was the first time where you can see for the first time the striking difference between the two women.”Meghan spoke quickly, confidently and with passion about the cause, despite the fact that it was Kate’s project. While Kate grinned at Harry, his empathy signals were clearly aimed at Meghan, who regularly touched his leg in a sign of ownership.”

A month after Meghan and Harry’s wedding she and Kate stood on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during Trooping the Colour for the first time together.


“Kate is a consummate traditionalist and perfectionist when it comes to formal outings – and as Queen-to-be she took her place standing in front of Meghan. Although she did look back to communicate with her sister-in-law, Meghan was spotted performing her signature hair touch gesture as a partial cut off, suggesting some awkwardness,” points out Judi.

In July the two Duchesses stepped out solo for their first and only, for now, solo engagement at Wimbledon. There “they clearly both put effort into flagging up a sense of closeness and rapport, with a hint that shared outings and shopping trips might be a regular feature for the wives of Windsor. The closeness of their heads in these poses suggests trust and shared collusion, or a sense of confiding, while the downward tilt of both their shoulder angles illustrates a desire to get closer. Kate even appears to lean in and whisper in Meghan’s ear as she speaks to her.”

Judi highlights, though, that “although there were clearly several displays of what seemed to be moments of genuine closeness and growing friendship at Wimbledon, with the head closeness, giggling together and signals of confiding, much of that evaporates when they stand to applaud when a spatial distance suggests rather different approaches and personalities.”

Recently at Princess Eugenie’s wedding ceremony in Windsor, “Kate was pictured leaning in and using eye contact to engage with Harry.”

“Meghan used eye contact to partially engage, but she kept some distance rather than leaning in to share,” points out Judi and adds that “her signature hair touch gesture was back, signaling an apparent sense of mild awkwardness.”

Most recently in honor of Prince Charles’ 70th birthday, the Palace released these adorable family photos of the Windsors. In these images, you can see how Megan looks a bit more like an outsider.

Judi writes that: “Kate enjoys her longer-term experience as a royal here, grinning happily as baby Louis tries to grab at grandpa’s eyeball. Meghan is so much newer to the family – and it shows as she stands at the end of the group with both arms held rigidly down at her sides, watching politely.”

“Kate is now taking a relaxed matriarchal role during royal family events and her body language here reflects the natural ease and confidence that has built up over the years.”

The Daily Mail’s Rebecca English also gave her opinion on the relationship between Kate and Meghan based on her sources. She called the two Duchesses “simply very different people, although sources insist there has been no dramatic falling out.” Don’t forget the fact that Meghan is still adjusting to the royal life.”The royal lifestyle and constraints are taking a time for Meghan to get used to,” a “well-placed” source told English.

“She’s a woman who has lived life into her 30s in her way, she’s been a relatively successful actress, has her own humanitarian interests and her own circle of friends. She is very self-sufficient. Understanding the Palace way, the deference, the politics and the fact that there’s a pecking order, is taking a while for Meghan to get her head around. She is quite opinionated and Harry has got very dictatorial of late, which hasn’t made things easy at times.”

“While there are some tensions behind the scenes, Kate is pretty unflappable and nothing has become bad enough to make Harry and Meghan want to move out. People are genuinely pleased to see them so happy.”