It is usually complimentary when someone takes your idea and develops it into something bigger – it shows that they admire your work and you did do something right. The case is a bit different, though, when your small business idea has been stolen by a bigger, more powerful business owner and has way more exposure. This is the case with Kim Kardashian’s latest makeup campaign photos. A face and body jewelry brand’s founder Tanaya Henry slammed Kim’s latest KKW Beauty images, accusing her of completely copying her original idea.


Her company sells lip jewelry and it has 223K brand followers on Instagram.

She even called out Kim in one of her posts: “Shoutout to @kimkardashian and @marcushyde for completely jacking NOT ONLY my concept, but #LIPLACE too!”


Here’s Tanaya’s original idea:



The thing is that Marcus Hyde, who is a professional photographer, is the one behind Kim’s photoshoot for her brand. “Crazy part is @marcushyde was my friend long before he started working with @kanyewest & @kimkardashian and has shot @lacebytanaya countless times,” continued Henry.

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Pink Lip 4

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Henry added: “But because he got a check out of this, he says it’s not his problem. Kim, you’ve pulled my product & you could’ve again for this shoot. Your whole family’s worn @lacebytanaya.”

henry claims that Kim and Marcus have worked with both her products and herself personally, and says they’ve now stolen her product and visual concepts for their own project together.

While some people were there to support Tanaya:

Others were quick to attack her:


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