The rapper is mourning his former love.


On Saturday Sean (P.Diddy) was seen sitting by Kim Porter’s grave by himself, at the Evergreen Memorial Garden Cemetery in Columbus, Georgia. Hundreds of people arrived at the funeral as messages of condolences were pouring in on social media. After the cemetery service, fireworks reportedly went off.

Last week TMZ was first to report that P.Diddy’s ex-girlfriend Kim Porter was found dead on Thursday at her L.A. area home. The police got a call from her Lake home around noon and are still on the scene right now. Sources to the website say that she has been suffering flu symptoms and possibly had pneumonia, for several weeks now. It is still unclear as to what caused the death.


Diddy wrote on Twitter before the service: “Today we lay to rest our ANGEL. Her spirit lives on with us FOREVER!!! We thank you all for your prayers and support. You have no idea how much it means to us. We thank GOD for all of you.”

The model and actress was in a relationship with Diddy for 13 years – the two started dating in 1994 and broke up, Diddy also dated Jennifer Lopez for two years before he and Porter reconciled in 2003. They split for the final time in 2007. The two share three children together – twin girls Jessie James and D’Lila and she had their son, Christian. She also has a son, Quincy Brown, from her previous relationship with Al B. Sure.

The rapper took it to Instagram to pay tribute to his former long-time girlfriend. He shared a sweet video of the two of them and captioned it: “For the last three days I’ve been trying to wake up out of this nightmare. But I haven’t. I don’t know what I’m going to do without you baby. I miss you so much. Today I’m going to pay tribute to you, I’m going to try and find the words to explain our unexplainable relationship. We were more than best friends, we were more than soulmates. WE WERE SOME OTHER SHIT!! And I miss you so much. Super Black Love 🖤”


He also went on and shared more photos and videos of Kim and one photo slideshow of the two of them. He captioned this post: ” Words can’t explain 🖤FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER!!! Infinity and BEYOND!!!!”

He shared a heartbreaking video of their beautiful family: “I’ll raise our family just like you taught me to. Love you forever!!!! 🖤 I CANT BELIEVE THIS SHIT!!!!!! FUUUUUCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!! Smfh”

Back in 2017, P.Diddy spoke to People magazine about his large family: “I got three girls, three boys, and they’re really kind great people. They got a lot of love in their heart. I’m the luckiest man in the world.” He gave his children’s mothers most of the credit. “I’ve been truly blessed to have some great, incredible relationships that have afforded me these children by these very strong, intelligent, beautiful black women,” he said of his exes. “The mothers of my children [are] my best friends. My hat goes off to them.”

In an official statement to Associated Press on Friday, the Porter, Goodwin and Combs families wrote: “God broke the mold when he made Kim, there was truly no other woman like her. Although her time here on earth was far too short, she lived a life full of purpose and meaning.”

“She was a loving mother and devoted friend,” the statement said. “She was the epitome of kindness and grace. There wasn’t a person she met who’s soul she did not touch. Kim was the type of woman who changed lives for the better. She will be forever remembered and missed by so many. As her family, we promise to honor her every day of our lives. We love you always.”

May her spirit rest in peace in Heaven!