From two highly reported by the media royal weddings and one very high-profile state visit to the birth of one and the announcement of the arrival of another Prince. It has been, with without a doubt, a huge year for the British royal family!


As an official royal photographer, Chris Jackson, has traveled the world, following Kate, William, Charles and Camila, the Queen herself and Meghan and Harry, as well as other members of the Windsor house. Now he shares his favorite photographs of the most popular royals from the year 218!

Meghan and Harry’s Visit To Sussex

“I loved this shot taken during a fun moment in a youth center during the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s visit to Sussex. This picture was taken just before we headed off on tour to Australia, Tonga, Fuji, and New Zealand, where the Duke and Duchess announced their pregnancy, so it was perfect timing!”


Prince Charles 70th Birthday Portrait

“It was a real honor to take the Prince of Wales’s official 70th birthday family portrait. Taken during a fun autumnal afternoon in the gardens of Clarence House, it was certainly a fun photo shoot—[it’s] always a relief when it doesn’t rain!”

The Birth of Prince Louis, Kate and William’s third child

“Any royal birth is an exciting time, and when media descend on those now famous brown doors of the Lindo Wing for the birth of Prince Louis, the world was poised for a happy moment. As the Cambridges came out onto the steps of the hospital, I loved this photo when the Duchess glanced down at her new son and the wind blew back her hair.”


Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Visit to Norwegian Palace

“I loved this regal moment early in February 2018 during a visit to Oslo as the Cambridges were escorted to a banquet by the Norwegian Royals. Prince Louis still to be born, this seems like an age ago now!”

Queen Elizabeth At Cenotaph

“The Queen is handing over many of her patronages and duties to younger members of the royal family, and we see evidence of this transition at moments such as Remembrance Sunday where for the second year running, the Prince of Wales laid the wreath at the Cenotaph on behalf of the nation. It was a poignant moment as the Queen took a second to reflect during a sombre ceremony.”